"I need to be surrounded by love, people, laughter and silliness"

Things I love.....

I love the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of freshly cut grass
I LOVE Thunderstorms and the sound and smell of the rain
I love laughter, the smell of lilac bushes, my husbands smile, and I love inappropriateness
I LOVE barns, rolling hills, yard sales, antiques, and anything vintage!
I love kissing my son all over his face, watching my daughters grow and I love it when my husband does silly, annoying things just to make me laugh!

Hi there! I'm Summer and I am so happy that you're here! I am a wife, mom and part time photographer.. I have three beautiful children, a wonderful husband, the best in-laws a girl could ask for and a sweet four legged Swissy named Eiger.. I love life and need to be surrounded by love, people, laughter and silliness!!

My approach and style to photographing your new baby is organic, natural and pure; and there is always a warm, peaceful studio waiting for them! I plan my sessions from start to finish and I love, love, LOVE creamy, neutral colors and soft textures! A newborn baby in my studio is truly MY.HAPPY.PLACE! I cant get enough of their squishy little hands and toes, those sweet baby rolls, the smell of their fresh, flaky skin, their button little noses and sweet milky smiles...